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RoyCo Roofing

At RoyCo Roofing, we established our company with a clear vision and a mission to address a specific gap in the high-end residential roofing market. We proudly serve a discerning clientele with a high net worth, and we consider ourselves to be more than just a typical roofing contractor. Instead, we operate as a boutique firm that prioritizes quality and exceptional service above all else.

What is New Construction Roofing?

New construction and roof replacement both pertain to installing a new roof on a home. A roof replacement is done on an existing home, and can either be done as an overlay or tear-off. In a tear-off, your roofer will remove the old roofing materials before installing the new ones. In an overlay roof replacement, new shingles are installed over the old ones.

New construction roofing involves designing and building a roof for a brand new home or building. RoyCo Roofing provides new construction roofing to install the roof’s framework, underlayment, and covering.

What to Expect During the Installation

The initial step in the new roofing construction is an in-depth assessment of the building’s exterior. Your roofing expert will meticulously review the construction to understand the intended roofing design and pinpoint the perfect choice of deck, insulation, and roofing material or membrane.

After the inspection, they will gauge the environmental factors the new roof will face to devise the optimal roofing solution. A proficient roofer will recommend materials best suited for the local weather and setting.

Based on the inspection outcomes, the roofer will plan a roofing solution that aligns with your desired insulation, performance, wind resistance, and incline needs. Given the correct details, your roofing professional can offer an energy-saving and durable system.

Subsequently, the roofer will provide a proposal, detailing the project’s scope, including a thorough cost estimate, timeline, system specifics, installation techniques, potential energy bill impacts, maintenance, and background about their firm.

After your endorsement of the proposal, the roofing work will commence. Post-installation, a concluding assessment of the roof is done by the contractor, who will then address any queries you might have.

Things to Consider

Constructing new homes or commercial properties entails extensive research, meticulous planning, decisive choices, and collaboration with various specialists.

When orchestrating your project, initiate by exploring the most suitable construction and roofing materials for your locality. Evaluate their advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision. Take into account the aesthetics, hue, upkeep requirements, and the overall durability of the potential roofing choices.

Your roof should seamlessly blend with your home or building’s architectural aesthetics. Engaging a trustworthy roofing specialist is crucial, as they can guide you in picking roofing solutions that align with your tastes, requirements, and financial plan.

It’s vital to remember that roofing for new constructions necessitates official permissions and reviews. Many first-time homeowners might be unfamiliar with these protocols. This unfamiliarity underscores the wisdom of hiring a local, certified, and insured contractor. They possess ample experience in obtaining requisite authorizations and ensuring compliance with regulations. Always converse about who will oversee acquiring the necessary approvals for your endeavor.


Whether you should repair or replace your roof is a big financial and logistical decision to make. If you are in need of professional roof repair, replacement, or installation, call RoyCo Roofing today to help you decide which is the best route to take for your home

Professional New Construction Roofing Services in Kansas City

Your Kansas City home’s roof is often the first line of defense against harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and whatever else the elements may bring onto your home. At RoyCo Roofing, our expert roofers are specially trained with all the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure your roof is perfectly installed. Don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule a professional roof replacement today!

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